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Antisense Oligos for Early Drug Discovery and In Vivo Testing

Therapeutic Oligonucleotides


Several oligonucleotide-based drugs have been approved by regulatory agencies (FDA and EMEA) in the past two decades. Antisense and RNAi therapeutics are currently amongst the hottest topics in research and development. These are forms of treatments that are clearly distinguished from traditional approaches such as small molecule or antibody-based approaches.

Since they can be directed against a broad variety of RNA targets (pre-mRNA, mRNA, lncRNA, and miRNA), they open the door for the treatment of a broad range of diseases, including those that are considered undruggable on the protein level.

Features and Beneftis


  • For over 30 years, we've been renowned for our know-how and experience in the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides
  • High level of expertise in the synthesis of potential therapeutic agents (ASOs, gapmers, and siRNAs) for drug discovery
  • Hands-on know-how in terms of addressing challenging and custom modifications
  • Low endotoxin oligonucleotide synthesis

High Quality and Consistency

  • Providing comprehensive hands-on expertise in the synthesis of a broad range of ASO chemistries, combined with highly optimized synthesis platforms. The result is oligonucleotides of the highest quality.

Fast Turnaround Times

  • Overall fast, flexible and reliable service from quote to delivery
  • Fast synthesis due to the high scalability and adaptability of the various production processes
  • Short turnaround times for synthesis of ASO libraries for screening (µg-mg)

Attractive Prices

  • Tailor-made and highly automated manufacturing processes create ASOs, siRNAs, and other oligonucleotides for potential therapeutic applications at attractive prices.

Low Endotoxin ASOs

Antisense Oligos with Low Endotoxin Guarantee

  • Endotoxin level guaranteed < 0.5 EU/mg – tested and certified by external service provider
  • Batch size from 10-1500 mg
  • Available products are
    • Full MOE, 2’ OMe, full PTO
    • MOE, 2’ OMe, full PTO Gapmers
    • LNA-Gapmers
    • cEt-Gapmers on request
  • HPLC purified and salt exchange to Na+ (dialysis)
  • Certificate of analysis including MALDI-TOF mass spectra and analytical HPLC
  • Shipped as dry compound
  • Estimated production time of just 5-10 working days + endotoxin testing (up to 10 working days)

Please feel free to get in touch for more information.

Service Offering

Microsynth has been a well-known oligo supplier for more than three decades. We have developed technical capabilities and expertise in this time that enable us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of therapeutic oligonucleotides that are especially suited for leveraging your early drug discovery program in this field.
The following graphic shows the steps of a typical process for the discovery of therapeutic oligos. A list confirming the typical services provided by Microsynth gives you an insight into our extensive service portfolio.


Backbones and Modifications
DNA, RNA, 2’ MOE, 2’ OMe, LNA, PTO,
2’F, GalNAc, S-cEt (on request)

• RP-HPLC (single and dual)
• Dialysis

Low endotoxin
• Production process for low endotoxin levels (<0.5 EU/mg).
• Tested by an external service provider


Quality Control and Documentation
• Online Trityl monitoring
• Analytical HPLC
• Various Certificates of Analysis

Available Products
• Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO)
• siRNA
• Anti-microRNA (AMO)
• Aptamers
• CpG oligonucleotides

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