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rAAV Characterization

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is widely used as vector in gene therapies. Its popularity may be founded in the fact that recombinant AAV particles (rAAV) lack viral genes but only contain DNA sequences intended for the therapeutic application. Thus, rAAV vectors are considered among the safest strategies for gene therapies. Notwithstanding, a careful characterization, such as an identity test, of the rAAV is mandatory for any therapeutic application.

Identity Tests by Sanger Sequencing

Microsynth will isolate the rAAV ssDNA and apply a primer-walking approach to characterize the complete sequence between the flanking ITRs applying Sanger sequencing.

NGS Deep Sequencing

To identify low-frequency mutations in rAAV test items, Microsynth will apply a next generation sequencing protocol including bioinformatics.