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Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
A certificate of analysis (CoA) issued by Microsynth provides analytical test results that show product specifications have been met.


Each oligo synthesized by Microsynth is delivered along with a technical datasheet. The following information is listed on this technical datasheet:
  • Oligo name, oligo ID, nucleotide sequence, modifications, length, and synthesis scale selected by the customer
  • Amount in OD measured by Microsynth
  • Molecular weight, melting point, yield in nmol, and µg calculated by Microsynth
  • Volume for obtaining a 100 µM solution calculated by Microsynth (in case you order the oligo in dried format)
In case the technical datasheet does not meet your requested level of documentation, Microsynth offers various types of CoAs for an additional charge. The standard CoA (Type 1) contains the following information:
  • Appearance test by means of visual inspection
  • Solubility test by means of solubilization in the buffer prior to lyophilization
  • Information about re-suspension of your oligo and the stability (shelf life at different storage conditions)
  • Identity check by MALDI-TOF mass analysis including the mass spectrum
  • Purity test by means of analytical HPLC including the chromatogram (if the secondary structure is too strong, or the oligo is >50 mer, we do not perform this analysis)
  • Proof checked and signed off by our head of oligonucleotide department or the delegated representative
In addition to the standard datasheet the following Certificate of Analysis (CoA) can be requested while ordering oligonucleotides: 
Type Description
1 Certificate of Analysis (complete)
2 CoA without declaration of oligonucleotide stability
3 CoA without MALDI TOF
4 CoA without analytical HPLC
5 Only MALDI TOF spectra
6 Only HPLC
7 CoA for ASO or PTO oligos (complete)
If you want to see an example of our standard CoA or its derivatives, please email us.

How to Order

If you want to order your oligonucleotide along with a Certificate of Analysis, please select the desired type of CoA under “Data Sheet” during the online ordering procedure.