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Custom Fill & Finish

Custom Fill & Finish
Microsynth standard oligos are usually delivered in 2.0 ml tubes carrying a label with the oligo name, nucleotide sequence, order number, purification, and production date.
Do you need a special filling or packaging for your oligonucleotides? Microsynth is able to meet your needs. Below you will find some of the possibilities for a custom fill & finish.

Customized Labels

In principle, the following items can be customized:
  • Order information (PO number, customer name etc.)
  • Product-specific information (# nucleotides, sequence, MW, TM etc.)
  • Customer-specific information (e.g. your notes)
  • Logo (e.g. your own logo in black)


Example Labels

Mixing and Pooling

The following mixing and pooling features are customizable:
  • Normalization of oligos in standard or custom buffer solutions
  • Mixing PCR primers or mixing equimolar primers and probes for real-time PCR
  • Oligo pools can be created by combining multiple oligos at various concentrations
  • Delivery of oligo mixes (wet or dry) in tubes, 96-well or even 384-well plates

2D Storage Tubes

Microsynth offers the following services:

  • Delivery of oligos in tubes carrying a unique and permanently attached, laser-etched 2D barcode at the bottom of each tube
  • Delivery of unique data (e.g. oligo name, sequence, yield, etc.) associated with each tube as an electronic file (*.txt; *.csv)
  • Whether a simple system for a basic lab or a sophisticated system for an automated environment is needed, Microsynth is able to support you in implementing a 2D barcode-based storage solution.


How to Order

Contact your sales manager with your needs and he will consult you regarding the various possibilities and pricing.