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Exon Sequencing & Mutation Detection

One-stop genomic service for identifying (point) mutations in whole genes or exons with great accuracy on a nucleotide level by means of Sanger sequencing.

Features and Benefits


  • One-Stop Solution - Consulting, management and execution of the whole project
  • Detection of SNPs and InDels and analysis of effect on the protein level
  • Detailed reporting and documentation

High Quality

  • Gold standard for exon sequencing and SNP analysis
  • Large expertise in every step of the analysis: from the DNA isolation to the final analysis


  • In-house oligonucleotide synthesis for fast PCR design and testing

How to order

When you collaborate with Microsynth, we share our experience and knowledge, respond to your needs in a timely manner and give you undivided attention. Contact our application specialists to discuss your exon sequencing project in detail to get an attractive quote!