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Genotyping by Microsatellite Markers

For genotyping projects involving larger numbers of samples and markers, it is more cost-effective to run multiplex PCR reactions compared to singleplex reactions. We can establish multiplex assays to the needed degree of complexity. We are happy to establish multiplex assays for markers developed by ecogenics or for markers published in scientific journals. If you are not sure if published markers run on your species or subspecies we can include further initial tests to ensure that the markers perform stably on your samples. For markers developed and multiplexed by us, we offer free allele calling for further genotyping work done at ecogenics.
In order to ensure highest data quality and to speed up the progress of your research projects, we offer the full range of genotyping services. Our vast experience with DNA isolations from many sources, combined with our expertise in PCR ensures optimal results. For fragment length analysis we use Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzer. Whether you wish to receive fluorescent trace files (.fsa) or also an allele table with all identified alleles per marker and sample is up to you to decide.
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