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Ready-To-Load Run

Convenient and cost-effective Sanger sequencing service in 96-well plates for ready-to-load samples. This service is particularly suitable for customers who have a workflow in their lab for sample preparation, cycling and purification and just want to outsource the actual analysis.

Features and Benefits

High Quality
  • DNA sequencing read lengths up to 1’100 bases or more in Phred20 quality.
  • Delivery of results during the next morning
  • Use our drop box in your vicinity for free shipping of samples
  • Possibility to fine-tune sequence software analysis parameters (e.g. IUPAC base calling, sequence trimming)
  • You can use us both version 1.1 or 3.1 Big Dye terminator chemistry
Environmentally-Friendly Sample Pick-Up
  • Your sequencing samples are predominantly shipped using environmentally-friendly transport vehicles (train, bicycle)
  • No need to own and maintain your own sequencer, just profit from Microsynth's finely-tuned devices
User-friendly Online Ordering System
  • Easy-to-use online shop with lots of useful tools
Technical Support
  • Direct access to support by experienced academic staff
  • Available at no charge to discuss your project, troubleshoot, and answer questions

Additional Services


Following additional services are available:

  • 96-well plates and stripes to close the wells can be provided on request

How to Order

Procedure to use our Ready-to-Load Run service for sequencing:
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Plate under "Ready-To-Load Run" and follow the further instructions
  • Specify in the “comment box” how samples are dissolved (water, formamid) and which Big Dye chemistry is used (1.1 or 3.1).
Send samples after dye removal in water or formamid.