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Shipment of Samples

Because of the high level of automation and to ensure the fastest processing it is important that you follow some simple guidelines for the shipment of samples. Microsynth thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Please put your single samples into 1.5 ml conical tubes. See also the user guide on sample tube requirements on the right side.
Standard 96-PCR plates can be used for shipping your samples.
Overnight sequencing:
Customers with direct access to a Microsynth sample drop box benefit from our overnight sequencing service. Samples are sequenced overnight and results will wait for you the next morning when you arrive at the lab.
Orders including primer synthesis or primer design services as well as PCR purifications will not be processed overnight but will be processed the following working day or when all primers are ready.
Shipment via Microsynth's Pick-up Service:
Microsynth offers a free pick-up service with a dense network of sample drop boxes, primarily in Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. Find out the location of the closest Microsynth collection point in the webshop. All sorts of samples can be deposited.
Shipment via Microsynth's Padded Envelopes:
If there is no drop box in your proximity, you can request our pre-addressed (and prepaid)1 envelopes for cost-free and convenient shipment of your samples to our sequencing facility.
1 only valid for Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and some other European countries, please ask if your country may benefit hereof.
Shipment Organized by Customer:
If free sample shipment is not (yet) available for your location, please follow the following guidelines:
Please ship your sample in padded envelopes (Switzerland: stamp it with "A-priority")
Samples from continental Europe can be sent in liquid form. Samples can be sent in liquid form at room temperature. Please consider cooling your samples or to dry them if you ship from outside Europe.

To our lab in Switzerland:
Please send your sample in padded envelopes (Switzerland: stamp with "A-priority")
Austria Germany Switzerland Other Countries
Microsynth AG
Senderstrasse 10
6960 Wolfurt
Microsynth AG
P.O. Box 3351
88131 Lindau
Microsynth AG
Schützenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
9436 Balgach
Microsynth AG
Schützenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
9436 Balgach
Samples transported by a courier service (FedEx, DHL, UPS,...) must be sent to our Swiss address. In this case, please do not specify a P.O. Box in the address.
To our lab in Germany:
Delivery Address:
Microsynth Seqlab GmbH
Postfach 3343
37023 Göttingen

To our lab in Austria:

Delivery Address:
Microsynth Austria GmbH
Leberstrasse 20
1110 Wien


To our lab in France:

Delivery Address:
Microsynth France SAS
170 Av. Gabriel Péri
69120 Vaulx-en-Velin