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Hydration & Aliquotation

Hydration & Aliquotation
As a minimum, each Microsynth oligo is deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. Your oligos will be further quantified twice by UV spectrophotometry to eventually provide an accurate measure of yield (in OD, µg and nmol).
With Microsynth, you can specify whether you want to receive your oligos in dried format or prefer them already solubilized. Furthermore, we offer an aliquoting service.



DNA/RNA Oligonucleotides

Oligos are usually shipped in dry form. The dried DNA pellet becomes dislodged from the bottom of the tube during shipping and it can easily fly out of the tube when it is first opened, particularly as electrostatic attraction is present. For this reason, please ensure that if you order oligos in dry format, you always briefly centrifuge your oligos before opening them for the first time.

If you want your oligos already delivered in liquid format1 at the commonly used 100 µM concentration (100 nmol/ml), then you can easily select this option at our online shop for a small surcharge. Should you prefer to receive your oligos solubilized at a specific concentration and/or in a specific buffer, please let us know and we will deliver according to your specifcations.

Special case: DNA oligos in plates:

Oligos in 96-well plates are often shipped in liquid format to avoid the laborious process of solubilization on the customer side. Microsynth offers this option at very attractive prices or even for free in cases involving larger oligo numbers. Furthermore, the delivery of replica plates (e.g. at 10 µM, 50 µM) along with the master plate (100 µM) is possible for a small additional surcharge.



Our siRNAs are usually delivered ready-to-use: fully deprotected, sense and antisense strand already annealed and in liquid format2 at 40 µM concentration. Should you prefer to receive your siRNA in dried format or solubilized with a specific concentration/buffer, please just let us know.

1 DNA and RNA oligos are dissolved in water
2 siRNA is annealed in 10 mM Tris, pH 7.5, 20 mM NaCl




Do you prefer your oligos in aliquots for ease of handling? If so, we can confirm that Microsynth offers an aliquoting service for your oligos in two different amounts.

As an additional service, you can order your oligos to be aliquoted either in 2 nmol aliquots or in 5 nmol aliquots. You will receive 10 aliquots of either amount as well as a leftover tube with the remaining oligo amount.


How to Order


If you want to order your oligo in liquid format at 100 µM concentration (100 nmol/ml), please select "100 nmol/ml" under "Physical condition" when specifying your order in our online shop. In case you want your oligos delivered at other concentrations, let us know and we will instruct you how to proceed.


If you want to order your oligo in aliquots, please select “2 nmol” or “5 nmol” under “Aliquots” when specifying your order in our online shop.