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Primer Walking Service

Fast and comfortable Sanger sequencing service for DNA templates longer than 1’400 bases. By sequencing from both ends, we advance about 1'600 base pairs per day.

Features and Benefits

High Quality
  • Option to choose single-stranded (SS) and double-stranded (DS)1 sequencing
  • Editing and accurate assembly of single sequences
  • Fast sequencing: up to 1'600 base pairs per day (even faster when a reference sequence is available)
  • Results are delivered Monday to Friday
  • Fast in-house design and synthesis of primers
  • Use a Microsynth drop box in your vicinity for free shipping of samples (or ask us for another free of charge collection possibility)
  • Multiple sequencing reactions out of one tube
  • Up to 10 months storage for ordered and enclosed sequencing primers
  • Delivery of electronic files such as project data sheet including sequencing strategy, text files and chromatograms for each single reaction
  • Free verification of an assembled sequence with the original sequence. Condition: You must send us a reference sequence. In case of PCR products, you must select double-stranded sequencing.
1 In the double-stranded Primer Walking Service both strands of your DNA sample are sequenced and compared. In this way an accuracy of at least 99.99% per base is achieved.


Our Primer Walking Service is ideally suited to support our customer’s needs in following applications:


  • Confirm the sequence integrity of your clone or PCR products
  • Examine failed amplifications and incorrect restriction digest pattern
  • Sequence full length AAV plasmids and hard to sequence ITR regions

How to order


Procedure to use our Primer Walking Service for sequencing:
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Tube Standard Service under "Primer Walking" and follow the further instructions