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Clinical and Pre-Clinical Test Items

Biological test samples used in pre-clinical and clinical studies need to be characterized - for example the presence of specific SNVs, the expression levels of selected genes, or the presence of foreign organisms such as pathogens need to be determined. Depending on the analysis demand of the sponsor, Microsynth will develop and validate the analytical procedure and run the analyses for the sponsor.


SNP/CNV Verification

Microsynth offers SNP/CNV testing on different platforms, e.g. PCR in combination with Sanger sequencing or qPCR/digital PCR assays. Amplicon deep sequencing approaches may be useful to identify rare occurrences in a pool sequences.

Gene Expression Analysis

Microsynth analyzes the genome-wide gene expression profiles using next generation sequencing (RNAseq). The expression levels of specific genes can be monitored by qRT-PCR or digital PCR. The corresponding assays will be developed and validated before routine testing.