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Expertise - Overview

Microsynth has accumulated comprehensive knowledge to translate the customer demand into a well-defined analytical procedure taking advantage of a state-of-the art toolbox in DNA and RNA-based synthesis and analytical platforms, all operated in-house (see section technical portfolio).

The first and most important step to design an efficient and successful analytical procedure is to fully understand the project both at the scientific level as well as in its regulatory context.

Notwithstanding the idiosyncratic features of a given project, it usually can be handled by a stereotypical approach, divided into distinct phases: (1) research & development phase, (2) an optional validation phase, and finally, (3) the analysis of the samples.
After careful evaluation of the customer demand, the analysis strategy is defined as a sequence composed of modules from our comprehensive analysis toolbox: Sanger sequencing, digital PCR, quantitated real-time PCR, next generation sequencing, and dedicated bioinformatics solutions.

The laboratory work then starts with the research and development phase: different methods and parameters are explored and tested at a small scale to identify the successful approach. Depending on customer needs, the successfully developed analytical procedure can then be further validated - mandatory for analytical procedures used in the regulated environment (see section regulatory expertise) .

Once the analytical procedure has been successfully established, the customer’s samples will be analyzed.