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Microsynth’s state-of-the-art de novo bacterial genome sequencing service is based on long-read sequencing technology. It will reconstitute the sequence of your bacterial genome using a sophisticated bioinformatic pipeline developed by Microsynth that recreates the genome sequence including annotation from the raw sequencing reads. The service is available for samples in tubes.

Features and Benefits

  • Results delivered within 3 to 7 days of sample receipt
  • Results are delivered Monday to Friday
  • Use our drop box in your vicinity for free shipping of DNA samples.
  • Use the Full PlasmidSeq non-prepaid labels to label your samples.
  • Microsynth also offers the isolation from many bacteria (add 4 days to delivery time).
  • Hypothesis-free sequencing of the complete genome.

  • Economical way of sequencing your bacterial genome.
Complete Information
  • You will receive the annotated genome sequence.
  • Detailed supporting information including three different approaches for species identification, a variant calling, and various quality checks.
  • High accuracy.



How can I ship the samples?

Use our drop box system, or send your samples by mail.

For material for isolation please send a frozen bacteria pellet on dry ice to:

Microsynth AG
Isolation Department
Schützenstrasse 15
9436 Balgach

What amount of DNA and concentrations do you need?

>25 µl at 50 to 150 ng/µl

Technical Questions

How can I open/view the data in certain files (eg. tsv, gbk)?

If you are working on Windows you may want to switch on viewing of file name extensions (In File Explorer under View, in the Show/hide group, select the File name extensions check box). For instance tab separated value files (.tsv) may be opened in any text editor or by drag and drop in an open but empty Excel table. Fasta (.fasta) and genbank (.gbk) files may be opened in a text editor or by specialized software.

How to Order

Procedure to order labels for our BacterialSeq:
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on BacterialSeq in the "Order Labels" area and follow the further instructions
  • Only choose non-prepaid labels for the BacterialSeq
Procedure to use our BacterialSeq for sequencing.

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Tubes or Tubes incl. Isolation under "BacterialSeq" and follow the further instructions


See also Microsynth's user guide on the right side for more detailed information.