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Feedback von unseren Kunden

Feedback von unseren Kunden...

Customer Testimonial I

"As a testing facility for pharmaceutical industries and medical device manufacturer we offer a wide range of cell based assays for qualitative and quantitative virus detection in biological samples. For some tasks a more precise virus determination is required and we chose Microsynth to quantify Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in samples of different biological origin by qRT-PCR. Years of experience in real-time PCR measurements and especially in testing animal samples for BVDV convinced us to outsource these analyses to Microsynth. qRT-PCR realization including all preceding steps were performed to our fullest satisfaction and confirmed results gained in our cell based assays. We look forward to future projects."

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler, LABOR DR. MERK & KOLLEGEN GMBH, Ochsenhausen, Germany

Customer Testimonial II

"The eradication program for BVD which started in 2008 is bearing fruit. To trace and eliminate the remaining infected cattle (less than 0.2%), all newborn calves will be screened until sufficient certainty regarding eradication is achieved. This is a great success that would not have been possible without the excellent collaboration of the Swiss Veterinary Service with the selected laboratories that have been accredited for this type of testing. In this aspect it is fair to mention that Microsynth was by far the largest laboratory handling more than 800’000 samples up to now, and in peak times >8’000 samples per day; always in an excellent quality."

Dr. Elena Di Labio, Federal Veterinary Office FVO, Switzerland

Customer Testimonial III

"I chose Microsynth for our genome sequencing project. This project was performed to my fullest satisfaction. These guys are experts in DNA sequencing, be it traditional Sanger sequencing or latest next-generation technology and I can recommend Microsynth without reservations".

Prof. Dr. Marc Solioz, University of Bern, Switzerland

Customer Testimonial IV

“The project was managed very well and the delivery of sequence data was on time. Microsynth successfully combined Sanger and 454 sequencing reads to assemble the genome. Without final finishing of the assembly, it was possible to find the relevant sequence information I was looking for. Microsynth is an expert in Molecular Biology and will be always my first choice for such kind of large sequencing projects."

Prof. Dr. Joachim Frey, University of Bern, Switzerland

Customer Testimonial V

“Today there is quite a number of oligo suppliers on the market. I've chosen Microsynth since they can look back on more than two decades of experience in producing oligos. The company is well known for their ability to synthesize and deliver oligos of the highest quality, in time and along with an outstanding service. To make it short, I've been very happy with the output of this project. My expectations have been entirely met and I can recommend those guys to anybody who is looking for a top oligo supplier."

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Winssinger, ISIS, Strassbourg, France