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Products and Services Related to COVID-19

Dear Customers,
Current events around the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on public health continue to evolve. This unfortunate situation increased the need for researchers & diagnostic testing labs around the world to deal with the virus. The overall need for supplies and support to curtail spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is urgent and immediate in these days.
Microsynth is proud to support the community by supplying PCR testing labs with key reagents such as primer-probe sets, to support molecular diagnostic companies in developing & validating accurate cutting-edge detection methods and to provide comprehensive genomics expertise for research labs studying coronaviruses and other emerging viral diseases.
Our current main contribution includes:
  • Supply of RT-qPCR primer-probe sets for SARS-CoV-2 detection
  • Synthesis of primers for NGS-based SARS-CoV-2 high-throughput diagnostic
  • Whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 by NGS
  • Assay development (RT-PCR, digital PCR, NGS) for SARS-CoV-2 detection
  • Urgent Sanger sequencing projects for vaccine and therapeutic development programs
Questions regarding our products and services relevant to SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 response? We have technical experts prioritized to help. Call us at +41-71-722 83 33 or email
Very kind regards and please stay healthy,
Your Microsynth Team