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Relocation of Microsynth Seqlab

The Microsynth Seqlab mission is providing the fastest Sanger sequencing service in Germany while at the same time taking care of our environment, especially in respect of CO2 emission. If possible, sequencing sample pickup is performed via bicycle or public transport, and the majority is then transported by train to Göttingen. Since the beginning of 2019 we are now located in a new laboratory within Göttingen, much closer located to the railway station than before, so that we can save additional CO2 within the last kilometers of transport to our laboratory.
The advantages of our new location for customers and the environment:
Our speed promise, especially for the 2 overnight services (Ecoli NightSeq and Barcode Economy Run), is underpinned by more robust logistics (train delays can be better compensated for).
Savings of >8’500 km by car per year (corresponds to a saving of >1.5 t CO2).