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Game-Changing New Sanger Sequencing Service

Learn More about the New Ecoli NightSeq Service

Microsynth is proud to announce its innovative new sequencing service Ecoli NightSeqTM.

Ecoli NightSeqTM allows you to send us your E. coli colony without prior incubation.

The straightforward process includes only 3 steps:

  • Inoculate your E. coli colony into the provided tube/plate
  • Put your samples in one of our sample drop boxes (no incubation needed)
  • Your sequencing results will be available the next day before 2 pm.
From now on you will only need to isolate plasmids from successful clones. Save money and time by avoiding unnecessary plasmid isolations, accelerate your research by one day and directly isolate the successful clones.

Ecoli NightSeqTM is available for single tubes as well as for 96-well plates.

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