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Extended GMP Certification from Swissmedic

Extended GMP Certification from Swissmedic

Microsynth has recently been issued an extended Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate by Swissmedic, underscoring our commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.

What makes this achievement truly remarkable is the breadth of our extended GMP certification. Traditionally recognized for our excellence in Sanger sequencing, our new certification now encompasses all of our genetic analysis platforms. This expanded scope includes transplantation products (TpP), including cells, gene therapy (GT) medicinal products, and medicinal products consisting of or containing genetically modified organisms (GMO), collectively known as TpP/GT/GMO, intended for human use. This comprehensive certification spans multiple regulatory areas, making it exceptionally comprehensive.

We are excited about this achievement and its implications for our continued collaboration. Thank you for your continued confidence in Microsynth.

GMP Certificate

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