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All-New Oligonucleotide Webshop

Explore the All-New Oligonucleotide Webshop

The Microsynth oligonucleotide webshop comes in a totally new design and with additional functionality to facilitate Your ordering process.
New functions in the webshop include:
  • Order History - check the status of your order and go through old orders
  • Copy/Paste the name and sequence of your oligos from an excel sheet directly into the shop
  • Favorites - Add oligos to your favorites list to re-order them with ease
  • Request cancellation of single oligos or whole orders through the webshop
  • New view of the oligo sequence with modifications included
Explore the new possibilities of the webshop. How do you like the new webshop?
Your feedback, either positive or negative, is important to us.
Don't hesitate to send us your feedback.

This user guide will help you with your first steps in our new webshop.

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