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Antisense Oligonucleotides for Early Drug Discovery

Therapeutic Oligonucleotides


Several oligonucleotide-based drugs have been approved by regulatory agencies (FDA, EMEA) in the past two decades. Antisense and RNAi therapeutics - currently amongst the hottest topics in research and development - are forms of treatments that are clearly distinguished from traditional approaches such as small molecule or antibody-based approaches.

Since they can be directed against a broad variety of RNA targets (premRNA, mRNA, lncRNA, miRNA), they open the door for the treatment of a broad range of diseases, also to those which are considered undruggable on the protein level.

Features and Beneftis


  • well known for >30 years of know-how and experience in the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides
  • high level of expertise in the synthesis of potential therapeutic agents (ASOs, gapmers, siRNAs) for drug discovery
  • hands-on know-how in challenging and custom modifications

High Quality and Consistency

  • Providing comprehensive hands-on expertise in the synthesis of a broad range of ASO chemistries, combined with highly optimized synthesis platforms. The result is oligonucleotides of the highest quality.

Fast Turnaround Times

  • Overall fast, flexible and reliable service from quote to delivery
  • Fast synthesis due to high scalability and adaptability of the various production processes
  • Short turnaround times for synthesis of ASO libraries for screening (µg-mg)

Attractive Prices

  • Tailor-made and highly automated manufacturing processes create ASOs, siRNAs, and other oligonucleotides for potential therapeutic applications at attractive prices.

Service Offering

Microsynth, well known oligo supplier for more than 3 decades, has developed technical capabilities and expertise for offering a portfolio of therapeutic oligonucleotides, especially suited for leveraging your early drug discovery program in this field.
The following graphic shows the steps of a typical process for the discovery of therapeutic oligos. A list confirming the typical services provided by Microsynth gives you an insight into our extensive service portfolio.


Backbones and Modifications
DNA, RNA, 2’ MOE, 2’ OMe, LNA, PTO,
2’F, GalNAc, S-cEt (on request)

• RP HPLC (single and dual)
• Dialysis



Quality Control and Documentation
• Online Trityl monitoring
• Analytical HPLC
• Various Certificates of Analysis

Available Products
• Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO)
• siRNA
• Anti-microRNA (AMO)
• Aptamers
• CpG oligonucleotides

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