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Pilot-Scale DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Pilot-Scale DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Microsynth’s production facilities can accommodate pilot-scale oligonucleotide synthesis ranging from milligrams to grams. Simply performing multiple conventional small scale solid-phase oligonucleotide syntheses would be inefficient and wasteful, requiring huge volumes and amounts of expensive solvents and reagents. Instead, we use specialized equipment and techniques for synthesis, purification and quality control of bulk amounts of oligos in order to match the demanding and specific needs of our customers.

Features and Benefits

Main Product Features and Benefits:
  • Scalable synthesis range: from mg to gram quantities
  • Oligo length: sequences up to 30mers possible
  • Broad range of modifications available (e.g. Phosphorylation, Phosphorothioate, 2’-O-methyl-RNA, 2'-MOE-RNA, Amino, FAM, Biotin, and others)
  • High purity: stringent purification by HPLC available
  • Optional dialysis of the product
  • Stringent quality control: your oligo is verified using MALDI-TOF and IEX HPLC
  • High documentation standard: Certificate of Analysis available
  • Additional services on request: e.g. formulation, aliquotation, cation screening, endotoxin testing, chemical characterization etc. 


Potential Applications

  • Manufacture of oligo components for use in diagnostic kits
  • Custom synthesis of therapeutically active oligonucleotides for drug discovery
  • Pilot-scale production
  • Biophysical experiments such as x-ray crystallography
  • NMR studies

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