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Mixing and Pooling

Mixing and Pooling
Preparing oligo mixes at the bench is usually a laborious and error-prone process due to manual handling.
Whether you want to order a mixture of forward and reverse PCR primers or need a pool of hundreds or even thousands of oligos, Microsynth can help. Our automated liquid handling systems can handle the most complex mixing and pooling projects.


In principle, following mixing and pooling features are customizable
  • Normalisation of oligos in standard or custom buffer solutions
  • Mixing PCR primers or mixing equimolar primers and probes for real-time PCR
  • Oligo pools can be created by combining multiple oligos at various concentrations
  • Delivery of oligo mixes wet or dry in tubes, 96-well or even 384-well plates

How to Order

Contact your sales manager with your needs and he will consult you regarding the various possibilities and pricing.